Are you sure? – Easy confirmation incl. logging

Are you sure? – Easy confirmation incl. logging


AUS 1.01

Are you sure? - Easy confirmation incl. logging - 1

  • Bored of coding confirmation steps before actions?
  • Don’t like to use JS confirmation?

This script saves a lot of time.

Then AUS is the right thiong for you. Just set aus.php as link-target or form-action and every action has to be confirmed.
An logging function is on board too (you can enable it in the config file).

Mysql database is only required if you like to use the logging function.

Some words to AUS

AUS helps you to to implement a confirmation for deleting or other sensitive operations.
The main feature is the easy out of the box usage and the fact that Javascript isn’t necessary.

Just use the script as target for your forms or your image- or text-links to the AUS-Script.
The Script delivers you a confirmation page and you can proceed with the action or go back where you come from.

The script works with GET an POST both and turns variables into POST-Vars.

This Version currently does not work with FILE-Fields.

Array-Fields are supported too.

Additional a activities logging is equipped with AUS, you can enable this feature with setting $logging to true in the aus.conf.php
For logging a MYSQL database is required, the necessary tables will be created if logging is set to true and aus.php is called.

You can set the focus on “proceed” or “cancel” button in the aus.conf.php so you just have to hit enter if you’re like to proceed or cancel


Backend (Log entries)

User: admin

Pass: pass

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