adVideo Player – Responsive Player for WordPress

adVideo Player – Responsive Player for WordPress


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// Update v1.6  -   05.12.2015
*Added thumbnail settings (if you dont add thumbnail its getting thumbnail  fatured image)
*Fixed bugs

// Update v1.5  -   06.10.2015
*Added hide controls on mouse out
*Fixed bugs

// Update v1.4  -   05.09.2015
Now users can add adRoll per video. 
Added "width" and "height" attributes.
Fixed bugs. 

// Update v1.3  -   25.08.2015
 Fixed bugs and changed menu position 

// Update v1.2  -   19.08.2015
 Added  "Insert Video Image" 
 Added  "Insert Subtitle" 
 Now you can use this player on mobile and tablet. 
Using shortcode

mp4 ="mp4_url" 
poster ="img_url" 
adrollon ="true or false" // or dont use
adroll_video = "mp4_url" 
adroll_video_time = "5" //how many time show skip button
adroll_video_link = "link url" 
v_width = "680" // or dont use
v_height = "420" // or dont use

// If you want you can add subtitle with using (subtitles="") 
// and you can add this player with one click in editor page. 

adVideo Player – HTML5 Responsive Video Player for WordPress main features:

  • Responsive Player for all platforms
  • Advertising System
  • You can show ad before video
  • Only “mp4”, “WebM”, “Ogg”, “m4v” ┬ávideo supporting.
  • Not need thumbnails. Its auto getting first second’s thumbnails
  • Optional custom watermark logo. The logo can be set to hide with the control bar or to always be visible, also the logo position is customizable.
  • Optional watermark logo click. The logo can be set to open a window on click with a specific url.
  • The video controls bar can be showed or hidden when the video is stopped or it hasn’t started.
  • Click to play or pause, you can click on the video to play/pause the video.
  • Start volume value.
  • Current and total time (optional).
  • Volume button (optional).
  • Fullscreen button (optional).
  • Light button (optional).

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