Advanced Rating System – PHP

Advanced Rating System – PHP


Change log: 22nd July 2013 – Script corrections and bugs fixed

New Updates (V 2.0)

  • Cross Domain External Embedding & Social media buttons integrated (Facebook LIKE & Google +1).

Project Features

  • Uses PHP, MySQL and CSS3. Fully AJAX based (no page reloads).
  • Cookie / IP protection (one user can rate only one time).
  • Available in 5 shapes.
    Advanced Rating System - PHP - 1

    You can also display random shapes on page reloads.
  • Available in 8 colors (for each shape)
    Advanced Rating System - PHP - 2
    You can also use random color on page reloads.
  • Available in 3 sizes (for each shape and color).
    Advanced Rating System - PHP - 3
  • Rate out of 5, 10 or 100. Eg: 5 means 0.5/1.0/1.5…5, 10 means 1/2/3…10 and 100 means 10/20/30…100.
  • Control number of icons (5 or 10)
    Advanced Rating System - PHP - 4
  • Cross Domain External Embedding – means share/display the rating module on any website and it will link directly to your website. Users can rate things on your website from external websites. (New update)
    Advanced Rating System - PHP - 5

    So now you can embed on HTML pages also using external embedding. See Live example on JSFIDDLE
  • Social media buttons integrated. Show Facebook LIKE button Advanced Rating System - PHP - 6 & Google +1 button Advanced Rating System - PHP - 7 with the rating module. Include multiple share buttons on 1 webpage. (New update)
  • Tracks user’s IP and rate.
  • Rating open or closed control.
  • Single line code.
    Eg: <?php rating_module(‘12345’); ?>
  • Single line code for external embedding.
    <script type=’text/javascript’> rating_module(‘12345’); </script>
  • Full language control panel (use any language).
  • Creates Rating IDs Automatically if embedded without creating a new one in Admin panel. This helps when you have to embed rating module on large number of items on your website.
  • Unique KEY – New kind of feature.
    “KEY” is a “Unique ID” which defines a “Set Of Options” combined together.
    Eg: A set includes 1 color, 1 shape, 1 size, Number of rating icons (5 or 10), User protection, Out of rating, Animation effect, Show average rating (below rating icons) and Number of users rated, rating open or close etc. options.
  • Any number of KEYs can be added & updated from the admin panel.
    Any KEY can be used multiple times on any rating module.

    You can also control “Default Set Of Options” from admin panel. These default set of options are applied if you don’t want to use any KEY.
  • Browser compatibility (Google Chrome Advanced Rating System - PHP - 8, Mozilla Firefox Advanced Rating System - PHP - 9, Opera Advanced Rating System - PHP - 10, Safari Advanced Rating System - PHP - 11, Internet Explorer Advanced Rating System - PHP - 12).

Admin panel features

  • Admin panel can control all the Server and database details, Ratings, Language, IP and user rating statistics.
  • Take control of all KEYs and their set of options. Default set of options can also be controlled, if in case you don’t want to use KEY.

Included files

  • Adobe Photoshop PSD Advanced Rating System - PHP - 13 files included (5 shapes x 8 colors x 3 sizes = Total 120 PSD files). Edit any shape, color or size anytime.

Other features

  • Included Demos for both static and dynamic websites.
  • Very simple and clear documentation.
  • First time installation panel included


  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x


  • 4th update (24th August 2013)
    – Fixed issue of relative path of installation directory on server.
  • 3rd update (22nd July 2013)
    – Fixed out all non declared variable errors and file get content errors.
  • 2nd Update
    – Added new features like social buttons and external embedding.
  • First release
    – Released Advanced Rating System – PHP


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