Advanced Menu Manager System

Advanced Menu Manager System



As the name says, it’s a PHP and JQuery robust menu manager application.

Main feature about this application is the fact of using the nested set model hierarchical data structure instead of the old adjancy list. Nested set Modal is a much more robust and faster way of storing and retrieving hierarchical data on a database that strugles with relational calculus and relational algebra such as MySQL

Now with a menu render function.
Call and build the entire html anf jquery menu with one line of code!

Other features are:

  • Nested Set Model for hierarchical data management into MySQL
  • Drag and Drop menu order using a heavily modified NestedSortables JQuery Plugin.
  • Ajax operations for menu creation, editing, saving and re-ordering.
  • Unlimited number of different menus.
  • Unlimited number of menu items and menu levels.
  • 4 different types of menu content (URL, Separator or blank, Component and Content).
  • Preview menu BEFORE saving to database.
  • Complete local data validation (Javascript) and remote (PHP) query cleaner to avoid SQL Injections.
  • Clean and very well documented code all trough the files.
  • Included database (MySQL) php class. Easy to set up your own class.
  • Complete and extensive HTML manual.

UPDATE (02/11/2011):

– Small FIX when entering a ‘full URL ’ with type URL

UPDATE (25/10/2011):

– now included is a menu render functions.


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