Advanced Comments Widget

Advanced Comments Widget


Discussio, an advanced widget that gives you total control over the output of your comments. This widget replaces the default WordPress comments widget
and gives you the output to the user by allowing the input of all the arguments typically seen in the wp_list_comments() function.

Key Features & Options

Post Type display comments from spesific post type.
Post ID display comments from spesific post ID.
Ping or Comments display comment or pingback
Search Query search comments functionality.
Avatar, enable or disable the pages featured image
Avatar Height & Width, easy featured images resizing using Timthumb
Empty Avatar set image for no avatar.
Excerpt display comment content or excerpt.
Order, ascending or descending.
Orderby comment ID, comment date etc.
Include & Exclude post author
Number of Comments the total comments to display.
Show Date, display page with modified or created date.
Date Format, easy to customize date format, default jS, F Y h:i:s A.
Intro & Outro Text, if you want to add additional text or HTML.
Custom Style & Script, if you want to add additional CSS style or javascript per given widget class.
Templates 3 predefined templates.

Changes Log

2.0.0 – 29 June 2013
– 3 predifined templates added
– Comment content strip tags function added
– Comment excerpt added
– Shortcode for content added
– PHP function for theme files added

1.0. Initial Release


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