Admin Post Grid

Admin Post Grid


This plugin will allow you to see your posts, pages, custom post types and WooCommerce products in a more visual and intuitive way than the default text list the WP admin interface has to offer.

The plugin will create a new sum-menu for each active custom post type on your site (Posts » Post GRID for example) were you?ll be able to view the corresponding entries on a visual grid that includes the featured image, title and content of each post.

You?ll be able to filter elements on the grid by status and Preview, Edit or Delete them right there.

Post trashing, deletion and restoring are handled using AJAX and jQuery, so when you want to get rid of or restore a particular entry that is exactly what will happen, it will move out of the way without the page reloading and sending you back to the top loosing track of where you were.


1.4 (June 19th 2015)

  • Fixed bug causing broken CSS and image links when plugin was installed in a directory different than the default
  • Added a common troubleshooting scenario to the plugin’s documentation

1.3 (May 17th 2015)

  • Added support for pages and custom post types, including Woocommerce products

1.2 (May 13th 2015)

  • Fixed image stretching for non-squared thumbnails
  • Added ?Restore? and ?Delete Permanently? options to posts in trash


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