Accordions Plus for WordPress

Accordions Plus for WordPress


Easily add Responsive Horizontal / vertical Accordions or Fade/Slider sliders to your WordPress blog with Accordions Plus. Accordions Plus is powered by dynamic and extensible javascript backend written in jQuery.

Accordions Plus is not just an accordion plugin, but rather a slider framework that can morph into anything you wish to implement.

Features of Accordions Plus

  1. Responsiveness
  2. Hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback.
  3. Works on all Major browsers.
  4. Numerous – 35+ skin options
    1. 8 CSS3 skins
    2. Over 28 jQuery UI themes
    3. Moreover, Support for custom skins upload.
  5. Intuitive Admin editor interface with Rich Text/HTML editor.
  6. WordPress TinyMCE/Quicktags Post editor Buttons for easy shortcode insertion
  7. WP 3.5 Media Capabilities
  8. Support for Video APIs
    1. Vimeo
    2. youTube JS API
    3. YouTube iFrame API.
  9. Extra Detailed options page.
  10. Complete Documentation – PDF, text, HTML and inline contextual WP help.
  11. Extensible JS API

Each slider is highly customizable individually, through the options page and editor page.

  1. Rich Text/HTML editor
  2. CSS3 Backgrounds for each slide.
  3. Easily insert accordions from within WordPress post Editor buttons.
  4. Choose between numerous options such as skin, mode, autoplay, event, custom css, keyboard support etc from within editor page.
  5. jQuery UI skins and Custom skins support.
  6. Upload styles via FTP and have them scanned automatically.
  7. Conditional Script loading.
  8. Powerful dynamic JS API.

When editing an accordion, you can choose through the following options.

  1. Skin
  2. Mode
  3. Width and Height
  4. Minimal Dimensions
  5. Event – Click or Mouseover
  6. Enable Slideshow
  7. SlideShow Duration
  8. Slideshow Direction
  9. Starting Slide
  10. Mousewheel support
  11. Keyboard navigation support
  12. URL Hashchange support
  13. Resetting slide contents
  14. Custom CSS

Further, There is AJAX preview button that lets you test drive your slider instantly from within the editor!


After downloading,

  1. Quick Start guide can be found under Documentation/readme.html
  2. Complete documentation can be found under Documentation/Accordions Plus for WordPress.pdf
Change Log

* If you are updating, Please remember to deactivate, upload and activate the plugin, in the same order – to prevent option conflicts.

Version 0.5
  1. Improved and enhanced IE Support, IE 7 to IE 10 covered.
  2. Now supports Media uploader on all WP from 3.1 – 3.5.1
  3. Fix for Easy accordion insertion button and admin pages.
  4. Couple options added along with redone admin backend.
  5. JS rendering engine and libraries updated for latest browsers.
  6. Auto mode switch eg. for iDevices, other mobiles and tablets.
  7. More accessible options.
Version 0.1
  1. First Stable Release
  2. Please see Feature list


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